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Working with you to create durable design.

Woodmillers takes pride in working with multitalented individuals and skilled professionals within the construction industry, as well as private clients. We welcome commissions from once-off, custom-crafted pieces of furniture to single residential or large scale, commercial design and installation. Your friendly Woodmillers consultant will meet with you on site and take the measurements needed to design your dream. We gladly conduct online video meetings with clients in other locations. All you have to do is imagine the finished product, and enjoy the journey we will take you on to get there. Contact us to discuss how we can meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Private Commissions

You have an idea for a specific piece of furniture. Or you have seen something that appealed to your sense of style; it was not exactly what you were looking for, but you know how you would change it – if you could. We will work with you to transform that idea into an elegantly functional, yet luxuriously beautiful piece of furniture.

Interior Designers

Talented and creative professionals, interior designers are entrusted with bringing their clients’ interiors to life, reflecting their individual tastes and styles. We work closely with interior designers to ensure that these tastes and styles are correctly interpreted in the desired designs and installations.


Architects create the exterior and interior spaces for their clients, defining the worlds in which they live and work. Their interiors reflect the integrity of the building itself, adding to their complete vision of the final design. Contemporary or classic, built-in or free standing, Woodmillers’ professional workmanship will bring their designs to life.


Contractors make it all happen, from remodelling bathrooms and kitchens to building a new home from the ground up. Their strength lies in their talented workers and sub-contractors who bring it all together, creating new worlds for their clients. We know and understand these tradesmen and work with them to create the desired end result in terms of projected timelines and quality products. From high-end vanities in exotic timbers to complete media centres incorporating all of today’s modern audio/visual equipment, Woodmillers has the talent, experience and professionalism to join their teams.

Owner Builders

We know that owner builders have unique and specific wants and needs. We know how to interpret your requirements and to translate your vision to the appointed sub-contractors, working with them to make your vision a tangible success.

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