Stairs, Balustrades, Decks & Panelling

Stairs, Decks, Floors, Doors & Panelling

Manufactured and installed with unrivalled workmanship, your wooden stairs, balustrades, floors, decking and panelling will become the pride of your property – and the envy of your neighbourhood. Designed to your specifications, our products marry style with purpose and elegance with function.

High class decks, custom designed staircases, floating stairs, engineered and solid wooden floors, specialised doors and wall panelling of any size and to any detail – we proudly manufacture and expertly install it all. More than that, we do it in the wood you want. All our wood, indigenous and exotic, is sourced from sustainable and responsible suppliers.

We will design these showstopper installations and present them to you as a digital, three dimensional drawing. This will give you a real feel for the design and give you the opportunity to experiment with different materials, colours, finishes and designs. Contact us for more.